Thursday, 1 October 2020


Clean my PC for free, cleans up computers hard drive, clear out any viruses, defrag the drive and install antivirus for the future protection of your machine.


This is a step by step guide to cleaning up your computer.

If your computer is slow or crashes then this site is for you. Over a period of time your P.C. becomes full of junk and eventually slows down your computer. Follow the steps to clean your laptop / computer and you will find it will be as fast as new.

The main tasks to perform are...

  • Clear out any viruses or trojans that may be lurking inside the computer.
  • Clean up any spyware or adware that has installed itself.
  • Clean up the junk left on the disk inside the computer.
  • Clean out and repair the registry.
  • Defrag the files on disk.
  • Install some antivirus protection.

To the right of this window is a navigation window that takes you through the process of cleaning the system out. Start at the top to clean out any viruses that may be resident and work your way down to the last option where you will be able to install some free antivirus software to protect your P.C. from further damage.


Various windows will open pages where you will be able to see screenshots of what you should be doing. All of the software that you will use is totally free. There are no 30 day trials, no obligation to buy, just give the guys who supply this software a 'like' on Facebook and/or give them a mention on Google+